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Hidden Job Market

Where are you going to send your resume? The best written resume is worthless if no one sees it! With nearly 1,500 applicants per advertised job opening, using our proven, cost-effective target marketing systems is the most efficient and proactive method of job searching.

Careering to a new position: you can turbocharge your career, increasing your market exposure and YOUR JOB OPPORTUNITIES 3-FOLD.
The only way to reach the key executive-level contact or decision-maker is direct mail. Emails, faxes, job board postings and broadcast services are used by Human Resources and recruiters to screen you out, and competing against thousands of job seekers puts you at a disadvantage.

Video Powered Searching

The Resume evaluator helps you stand unique in today's job market. Candidates must now approach companies in a way that clearly differentiates them from others.

The Resume evaluation process has evolved from years of market research, product development, and proven success. Get your resume evaluated by experts in your domain and get a resume score that help find your next job easily.

How we evaluate resumes..

This technology allows us to evaluate a resume and rank the candidate from 1-10 based on your specific job requirements. This score coupled with an interview gives us the capability to present you with the top candidates saving you time and effort going through multiple resumes.

We will also run full background and reference checks on all of the candidates you want to move forward with and help with the offer process if you so desire.


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