Resume Evaluator provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments, certifications, software applications and consulting services.

Resume Evaluator web-based assessments produce an objective and comprehensive profile of knowledge and skill of candidates and employees to enhance and optimize:

Used to facilitate Human Capital Management, Resume Evaluator online assessments are perfect for:

Known worldwide for its flagship solution Resume Evaluator TeckChek™, Resume Evaluator has a wide range of assessment packages for all industries and disciplines, including IT, Sales, Project Management.

Featuring a unique assessment methodology for many of its product range, Resume Evaluator offers the most cost efficient and effective way to measure knowledge, providing you a clear competitive advantage. Only Resume Evaluator unique methodology provides the level of detail needed to adequately conduct employment testing (pre-hire testing) and screening, employee testing, training needs identification and evaluation (pre-training and post-training testing), and certification programs.

Used by corporations, staffing agencies, training organizations, government agencies and schools.

Resume Evaluator online tests are easy to administer so that you can quickly conduct tests as you need them, whether its for skills testing, knowledge testing, aptitude and attitude testing or pre-training and post-training testing.

Join other clients and use Resume Evaluator skills tests to improve your bottom line:


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