Knowledge Measurement

Most organizations are confronted with difficult challenges such as:

Incorporating a web-based assessment solution into your day-to-day process for recruitment drives, skill audits, project staffing and training will enable you to unleash the full potential of your employee base and add to your competitive advantage. Resume Evaluator's assessments allow you to:

Staffing / Consulting Firms

With fewer job opportunities available and increased competition to fill them, staffing and consulting firms must do more to gain an advantage. What is your company doing to increase its strategic value and become a consulting partner to your clients?

Resume Evaluator allows you to commit to quality and superior service for your clients. Using Resume Evaluator’s leading assessments and services, you can tailor your offering to specific client needs and situations. At the same time, you can streamline your recruitment process and improve your own bottom line.

Use Resume Evaluator for your:

Competitive Advantage Program (Resume Evaluator CAP™) A suite of tools allowing you to work closely with your clients to identify potential staffing opportunities that you can then proceed to fulfill. You will be able to deliver a total staffing solution that will separate you from the masses.

Project Staffing Build a winning project team by identifying individual strengths of proposed team members and combine skill sets to provide the coverage required for success


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